Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiana's Intro

Where to begin? After just having read Ange and Ania’s posts, I feel like I am most into the ‘no plan plans’ thing out of the bunch of us. Let me explain why. While Ania is in full LSAT study mode, preparing for the big test which she’ll write in the Philippines, Ange on the other hand is pumped to get writing. Big dreams of becoming a development journalist of sorts one day, she is excited to visit development projects along the way and really get started on her career dreams of writing and getting her work published. What are my plans you ask? I have none! This IS the ‘no plan plans’ right? Am I on the right blog, because the two other girls with whom I’m holding this blog with seem to have just the opposite of ‘no plans’…that is, a plan! Hmmm, does this mean I should get my act together? Neh. We can’t certainly call this blog the ‘no plan plans’ if all of us have plans in the end, so I will sacrifice my life endeavours for the moment in order to stay truthful to our cause, you’re welcome ladies! Taking one for the team.

Where it began. I remember dreaming of voyaging Asia before this ever came up. When I got the email from Ange mentioning that Ania had suggested the idea, with no hesitation did I jump right on that bandwagon. You see, we have spent the last 5 years of our lives living as UofT students. Let me break that down for you: studious, nerdy, studying 16 hours a day (need that 8 hours of sleep!), going to class, coming home and working on essays, learning great research skills (thank you Google and Wikipedia), getting super excited when we’d go out with friends once a month, group studying, group freaking out, writing exams, thesis writing and researching, etc. etc. You see UofT was not the ‘university party’ environment that many people seem to have experienced. Luckily for us, we were in a small program, approximately 20 students at the start, who were all in it together. Thank god for them and having taken a lot of the same subjects, otherwise we would have never been able to get through it, at least I sure as well wouldn’t have come out of it with my sanity still in tack.

Thankfully for me, I am a very positive person. I see the bright side of everything, so luckily UofT was not able to suck that out of me (like it did my money). Overall I enjoyed the experience. More for the friends I made, the professors I got to know on a personal level, and let’s face it, that ‘UofT’ stamp on our graduation degrees. Those, which Ange and I will be receiving in Hong Kong. Yes that’s right, we are convocating in Hong Kong. Why you ask, well why not? We weren’t going to go since it falls in November and we’d be voyaging the Asian continent, but after having found out that they hold a ceremony in Asia once every two years, well how lucky were we to find out that that would be right on our travel paths, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity!

Okay, now for the actual trip ‘thoughts’. Let’s just say that I am super happy to have the opportunity to do this with two of my best friends. We have known each other for the past 5 years and have been roommates for the past year. So we know each other well enough that we won’t get annoyed with each other travelling and being in each other’s faces 24/7. We all have very different personalities which seem to work out very well.

Me: I’m the calm, positive thinking, listener. I like going with the flow hints the lack of plans after this trip is over) and taking up every opportunity that comes my way. I’m am generally up for anything and am a good grounder for those around me.

Angela: Deep thinking Ange. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, very thorough in her work and research. I would say that both Ange and I are very motherly and take care of each other, especially when we’re sick (which usually ends up happening simultaneously). She’s easygoing, not afraid to speak her mind, and open to new ideas and opportunities.

Ania: Ania is like our little sister whom we make sure is still alive. Feeding her became a regular part of our routine this year as she would be quite content to feed on cereal for every meal. She is very kind and generous. Quiet and observant. She is the smartest person I know and harnesses that skill to plan things down to the little details people often forget. And don’t listen to her statement that she does not like to go out of her comfort zone. She’s the one I think that will be most likely to be up for some crazy adventures while we’re traveling.

So you see, we are very different, which will be a good mix for traveling together I think. We all have very different skills yet similar interests. The main interest we all have is in international development; after all we did just spend 5 years of our lives and nearly $50,000 to live in Toronto and study it! This trip hopes to be an introduction to our careers, whatever that may be. Looking at development projects on the way will help us gain a good insight into the things that have been working and those that haven’t. Ange has the greatest interest in doing this I think. She is not so much of the ‘tourist’ traveler, so she’ll be good at researching some places and projects to visit along the way. Ania on the other hand loves that tourist stuff. Monuments, museums, history, she eats it up! I on the other hand sit somewhere in between. I definitely want to see things such as the great wall of China, who wouldn’t? And I would love to visit projects along the way and perhaps help out if we can to see firsthand how things work over there. Perhaps my two biggest interests are seeing the nature (the scenery out there seems amazing!) and eating, yet easting. Asian cuisine I would say hands down is my favourite, so I look forward to gaining a few pounds in indulging in it.

As you may have been able to tell already, I am the least concise of all of us. I always write too much. Heck I wouldn’t even need to sign my name after my posts as you’ll likely be able to tell by the size of it. So I will try to do my best in keeping it simple and if not, at least entertaining so that you enjoy reading it! As Ange is the one who officially wants to be the writer out of us, I figure she’ll be doing most of the writing. I will be all over the camera, taking that beautiful scenery and coinciding pics to go along with our stories. We have set up a photobucket account so that we can easily upload pictures and videos coinciding with our journey, so keep checking on that for updates!

Six weeks to go and I will be on route! First stop, South Korea for 6 days, then to the Philippines to join the ladies for the beginning of our 3 month adventure.

Stay tuned for the up to date information on our journey.

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