Monday, August 9, 2010

Asia Fundraising

This December, Ania and Ange will be Riding to Break the Cycle across Cambodia with Global Agents for Change (, in support of PEPY (, a Cambodian organization that aims to a) empower local community members to be role models and leaders for children; b) reinforce learning and raise literacy levels; and c) spread environmental and health-related knowledge. This bike trip supports the Child to Child program which gets clubs of children together within communities across Cambodia. The children identify a problem they would like to tackle within the community, formulate a plan and are given resources to solve it. Problems identified can range from literacy to improved hygiene.

If you would like to help us reach our goal and support a great cause, here's where you can do it online: and

Any online donations $10.00 and over automatically receive a tax receipt.

We'll be giving "prizes" for donations along our Asia travels:
If you donate $10-$20: you get a postcard AND a wish you were here photo from a special place we visit!

If you donate $20-$40: you can choose from the following:
- We can [attempt to] sing you or someone special to you happy birthday in the local language
- We can film and dedicate a karaoke song of your choice!
- Ania will do an underwater shoutout
- Mountaintop shout-out

If you donate over $40 before August 31: you can come on the bike ride with us! We will put your picture on a T-shirt and wear it for a day of the trip, of course documenting the whole thing on photos or video. You can also choose anything else off the list because you are extra awesome!

We are open to any other suggestions in exchange for donations!

Any dedications, shout-outs, or songs will be posted here! Let us know if you have any questions.

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